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Sale conditions


1. General

The purpose of this document is to define the Macro Group Sale General Conditions to the products for sale at

The “Customer” means the natural or legal person who may be the end consumer, retailer, distributor and other professionals in the field.

Macro Group reserves the rights not accept registration of prospective customer on its online store (// when in doubt as to the quality of the “Customer”.

These terms and sale general conditions exclusively govern the offer, acceptance of registration, orders and shipments made through the website

Macro Group reserves the right to modify at any time the information and commercial offer presented about: products, prices, commercial conditions and services.


2. Purchase

2.1 How to purchase

To order at it’s necessary that the user has an email account and that his browser is updated and configured to accept cookies and pop-ups, to allow the usage of all the e-commerce platform capabilities.

Remember that to start introducing your order(s) you will always have to be logged to your ecommerce account by entering your username and password in the "PRIVATE AREA", available in the upper side of our website.

1) If you are not a registered customer, click on “Login” and you will be taken to the "Private Area" panel. In this panel, click on "Registration", fill out the form presented and wait for email for account activation.

2) If you’re already a registered customer, click on “Login” into “Private Area” board, introduce your e-mail and password and click “Sign in”.

3) After login you will have access to the panels “My Account” and “Shopping Cart” where you can proceed with your purchases.

4) To start your order click on the menu product sector that you want to order and select the product range.

5) Select the product.

When selecting the product you will be able to carry out your order for 3 different ways:

I. In Overview

When you pass the mouse over the product the "cart" will appear. To add the desired quantity then click the "+" or enter the quantities numerically in the box. 

Then click on “Shopping Cart” to add the item with the quantity to your shopping cart.

II. In Quick View

To click on “Quick View” you will have access to: ref., stock and the main product technical features.

To add the desired quantity then click the "+" or enter the quantities numerically in the box.
Then click on “Shopping Cart” to add the item with the quantity to your shopping cart.

III. In Product Detail View

By clicking on "MORE INFO" you will have access to a detailed product view, where you can also navigate between product combinations (if they exist - "OTHER COMBINATIONS" section).

To add the desired quantity then click the "+" or enter the quantities numerically in the box.

Then click on “Shopping Cart” to add the item with the quantity to your shopping cart.

6) After selecting the product (s) and the desired quantity (s), click on the icon cart to add the items to the "Shopping Cart". From this point you can check the sub total, potential discounts (%) and the total product(s) ordered.

7) You can update the articles quantities as well as add new products to your “Shopping Cart”, just click on “CONTINUE SHOPPING”.

If you want to delete products from the "Shopping Cart", you can do it by clicking on icon remove.

To remove all products click on “RESET SHOPPING CART”.

8) To proceed click on “CHECKOUT”.

Note: Before finalizing your order check the billing data in the "INFORMATION FOR BILLING" box.

If the delivery address is different from the billing address, click on “delivery address different from the billing address” and fill in the fields with the required delivery address.

9) After clicking on "FINISH ORDER" you will have the opportunity to verify, for the last time, ALL the data of your order. To close your order, click on “CONFIRM ORDER”.

10) After the order confirmation will appear on your screen a message with the order number.

Your order will be fully complete when you receive an e-mail confirming the details of your order.

2.2 Right not to accept order or cancel purchase

Macro Group reserves the right to cancel any order, even if it has already been confirmed, and cannot be held responsible for any damages or costs, provided one or more of the following occurs:

In these cases the Macro Group will inform, by email, the reasons why the sales contract was not made and will refund the amount paid (if any payment has occurred).

2.3 Data Verification

All orders received are subject to verification including delivery address, credibility of consumer data and, verification of fraud. Suspected fraud will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

2.4 Payment Method

Payment method will be made according to contractual clauses.

3. Prices

Products prices displayed on the website represent final sales prices to the Customer. At the values shown will be added taxes at the legal rate in force on the purchase moment.

All prices are quoted in Euros.

3.1 Total Price

The total price specified in the “Finish” item includes taxes due at the applicable legal rate. Prices are quoted upon order confirmation, which you can refer to in the “Order History”.

3.2 Price Changes

The products prices presented on the site are subject to change. Macro Group reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. The prices displayed at the time of purchase are the prices applied to that purchase.

3.3 Price Errors

Please note that even though the site is regularly updated it is possible that the price information on the site contains errors. Macro Group makes no commitment to the offer and reserves the right to cancel your order should any errors in the displayed values occur.

4. Quality and Warranty

If the product(s) purchased are defective, these should be reported to the Macro Group sales department, stating the order number and it defect /malfunction description. Product(s) return or collection costs will be supported by Macro Group.

Upon product receipt at the Macro Group facilities, a technical check will be performed. If any non-compliance is verified, the product(s) will be replaced by sending a new product to the Customer's address with no additional cost.

In the absence of any non-compliance, the cost of returning or collecting the product(s) will be charged.

5. Shipping & Delivery

5.1 Delivery

Products are shipped as per Customer specifications. 

A delivery is deemed to have been made upon signature of the delivery receipt at the agreed address.

5.2 Delivery Times

Macro Group delivers on its own truck or as per Customer's specifications. When delivery is made by external logistics companies, Macro Group is governed by their availability to make deliveries. Note holidays or other festive events may delay delivery.

Macro Group shall not be responsible for non-compliance or defaults for any obligation arising out of force majeure, such as event, act or omission, beyond its reasonable control.

6. Shipping Costs

The purchase products price and the possible shipping costs, as indicated on the order form, are taken into account when the purchased products are shipped.

6.1 Free Shipping

Shipping costs are agreed in advance with the Customer.

7. Returns & Cancellations

7.1 Order Cancellation

Customer may cancel the order at no charge, provided that it has not yet been shipped. If you place an order and wish to cancel, you should contact our logistics department and ask for its cancellation which, if confirmed, will have no cost to you. If the request for cancellation is not possible, the products will be sent to the Customer who, maintaining his intention to cancel the order, must refuse to receive them. Products will be returned and upon receipt, the refund due for the price paid (if any) will be processed, less shipping and return costs.

7.2 Return of defective or other non-conforming products

The Customer has the right to return the delivered products when verified defective or otherwise non-compliant. If your claim is justified, the price and shipping costs (when supported by the Customer) will be refunded.

8. Availability

The fulfillment of on the site is subject to the respective products availability. Macro Group tries to ensure the availability of all products offered for sale on the site. However, Macro Group reserves the right not to accept any orders or to cancel orders already confirmed for products not available. Customer will be informed and refunded of any amount paid.

9. Responsibility

Macro Group assumes responsibility for any damages incurred by Customer if such damages result from violations attributable to Macro Group's contractual obligations to Customer, or if Macro Group's liability results from applicable law.

Macro Group cannot be held responsible for damages suffered by third parties resulting from the use of any of its products. Macro Group cannot be held responsible for damages suffered by the Customer as a result of improper use of its products.

Macro Group is not liable for damages resulting from incorrect information on the site.

10. Customer Obligations

Customer must comply with these general conditions and comply with them. In particular, it undertakes to fulfill the following obligations:

  1. Save, and do not disclose, your login password to prevent third parties from accessing your account;
  2. Do not use false identities;
  3. Provide correct personal data and addresses so that Macro Group can properly process orders.
  4. Make the payment of the order.

The Customer is responsible for the data accuracy reported to the Macro Group and undertakes to promptly enter any changes to it into their Registration Account.

Macro Group declines any responsibility for any delay or inability to process the order, particularly on delivery, due to error or data insufficiency reported by the Customer.

11. Applicable Law

These general conditions and any emerging disputes that relate to these general conditions, including their validity, use of the site, or any purchase thereon, shall be governed by Portuguese law.

12. Change of Terms & Conditions by Macro Group

Macro Group has the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time. Customer is subject to the principles and terms in effect at the time of its order, unless the law or competent authority imposes any changes.

13. Information on the site

Although Macro Group works your site carefully, the information, text, graphics, movies, and / or other services may contain errors or be incomplete or incorrect.

Macro Group shall not be liable for any damages resulting from use, or inability to use the Site, including damage caused by viruses or any  information inaccuracy, unless such damage is the result by Macro Group intent or negligence.

14. Macro Group trademark and site copyright (r symbol)

Macro Group trademark, design, text, documents, movies, product names, other site materials and titles used on the site are the Macro Group property, and Customer is prohibited from using or reproducing any of these items. You are only authorized to electronically copy and print portions of the site if necessary to place an order or to use the site as a source for purchase. You are not authorized to make any other use of the site or the information and materials contained therein, including reproduction for purposes other than those mentioned above, modification, distribution or republication. If you wish to use information or materials from the site you must obtain prior written permission from Macro Group.